Market Research Report

28 Feb 2018 - 12:57

The Trust commissioned detailed an assessment of the market for "Leisure Learning" from Scotinform and this has now been completed.

The market research report also incorporated the data and findings of the report by Mintel, Special Interest Holidays UK (March 2017), which was based on an online survey of 2000 internet users. That report examined the current and potential market for holidays overseas and within the UK which are taken specifically to pursue a hobby or interest. This encompasses diverse areas such as history/culture, nature/wildlife, food and drink, arts and crafts, astronomy and language learning.

The market research demonstrates that the overall market for leisure learning in the UK continues to grow and is dominated by socio-economic groups A, B, and C1:

  • Reported expenditure on days out to pursue a hobby has increased, although the volume of visits has declined. This suggests that consumers are spending more money on hobbies, less often 
  • The countryside is a popular destination to pursue a hobby on a day out 

  • People pursing a hobby or interest on a day out are more likely to be aged 16-34 or 
over 55 

  • The average distance travelled to pursue a hobby or interest was 42 miles. This should 
be considered indicative of the market area for non-residential leisure learning 

  • Mintel estimates that approximately 5% of domestic holiday makers are pursuing a 
special interest holiday. In Dumfries and Galloway, this would equate to a market 
potential of some 24,500 holiday trips per year across the region
  • Walking, history, nature, photography, creative activities and astronomy would all appear to have strong alignment with the Shambellie House product 

  • The leisure learning market is fragmented, with different operators appealing to different types of customers. Shambellie House must adopt an operating model that 
best fits its product offer and strategic objectives 

  • Interest in leisure learning holidays is highest amongst young people (aged 16-34) and 
those in the A and B socio-economic groups. An interest in the activity being offered is also more likely to lead to an interest in an associated holiday, making marketing through special interest channels essential
Those interested in going on leisure learning or activity holidays are interested in developing their expertise. They place high priority on the credibility and quality of the instructors 

  • Most people interested in special interest holidays would also welcome general sightseeing in the surrounding area. This is an advantage for Shambellie House; the Dumfries and Galloway tourism product complements the courses very well.