Plan B Progress

14 Jun 2019 - 13:12

Following a decision by the Architectural Heritage Fund to award £10,000 to Shambellie House from funding provided by the William Grant Foundation, work is now well on with Plan B. Last year the Trust received news from the Heritage Fund that they could not fund the project at that time largely because of a lack of matched funding and the scale of the project.

The Trust has now undertaken a series of discussions with prospective Tutors keen to deliver courses at the House and as a result have been able to re- design the extension and phase some of the works.  This will allow all of the planned courses to be delivered in the House, but it will reduce the overall capital cost to £4m from the original price of £6m.

Simpson and Brown have already come up with some innovative ways of creating the space needed within the available budget.  These are now being worked up into a final scheme.

The Trust has also commissioned DC Research of Carlisle to carry out an economic Impact assessment of the project and that will be completed by the end of July.  Some additional work on VAT and the conservation deficit will also be done.