Project Update

23 Jul 2020 - 12:34

The Board of Shambellie House Trust has been working hard on the project during the lockdown to ensure that Shambellie becomes a place where rural creative arts can flourish.  This is even more important given the need to rebuild the rural economy and to “build back better” following the impact of the coronavirus. 

Gordon Mann of the Trust said

“Covid19 has changed everything as far as potential funders are concerned and the Scottish Government wish to see a secure business proposition to enable the house to be transferred by the end of this financial year.  Taking account of these new circumstances the Board has agreed to split the project into three phases and to concentrate on delivering the first phase.  This will comprise securing ownership of the House and to be able to fund the necessary repairs and alterations required to allow the house to accommodate the courses designed and delivered by local artists and practitioners.

Fortunately, earlier this year we were awarded a grant from the Scottish Government’s Investing in Communities Fund which has enabled us to recruit a Project Development Manager.  

We are are now working on the new approach and submitting grant applications.  A key task for us has been to establish links to other groups both locally and within the region to ensure that wherever possible Shambellie takes account of and adds value to what they are doing”

Trustee Ann Hill added

“The Quilters of Shambellie were unable to hold our exhibition or deliver any classes this year so instead we delivered 350 “quilted hugs” to help people cope with the isolation.  Together with the People’s Project we also distributed face coverings - delivering over 1,600 to those most in need”