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Gel Printing: An Introduction into Monotype Printmaking, using a Gel Printing Plate

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SUN, 12 JUNE 2022

10:00 – 16:00

An introduction to monotype printmaking, using a gel printing plate. You will experiment with natural materials, wax rubbings and printmaking producing a selection of individual prints and cards.

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Gel or gelli printing is a type of printmaking that uses a homemade gelatin press or manufactured polymer plate to print monotypes and monoprints.  During the workshop you will experiment with natural materials, wax rubbings and printmaking. You will print using a polymer plate, brayer and acrylic paints to create monotype prints and greetings cards.

We will begin the day exploring the grounds nearby to look for suitable natural objects that we can make prints of, including grasses, leaves and petals. We will pay particular attention to the shapes and surface texture of the natural materials. As we return to the workshop studio, you will learn the basics of frottage (wax rubbings) and build up simple compositions and ideas for your prints. We will move onto the polymer plate exploration and create a surface to print from, experimenting with colour, shape, pattern and texture. During this time in the studio, you will have time to learn how to ink up the gel plate, use the brayers (rollers), make interesting textures and patterns on the plate and print a selection of individual prints and cards.

This workshop is perfect for beginners wanting to explore this fun and versatile printmaking technique, no experience necessary.

About the Day

Gel Printing will run from 10am until 4pm and includes refreshments throughout the day including fresh coffee, teas and a light lunch.


10am Welcome and introduction to the Gel Print Process.

10:20am Walk outside in grounds near the house. Gather natural materials, fallen leaves, grasses, petals, bark rubbings.

11am-11:30am Frottage and composition ideas.

11:30-1pm Exploration of the gel plate, acrylics and using the brayers to ink up plate, test prints.

1pm-1:45pm Lunch

1:45-2pm Final demo of using natural materials to print onto greetings cards and individual prints.

2-3:45pm Printmaking time for attendees.

3:45-4pm Evaluation and discussion.

Essential Information

Materials will be provided for the workshop and will include up to 6 greeting cards and 6 individual prints for attendees. Extra pieces of card and paper can be purchased for any additional work produced on the day. Please note we will spend some of workshop outside, observing and gathering natural materials. Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing, you may also wish to bring an apron or old shirt as the printmaking technique uses acrylic paints and can be messy. You may like to bring along your notebook or sketchbook and pen for use during the day.

Please note our cancellation policy.

The workshop takes place in the First Floor Gallery space.  There is a flight of stairs and no lift access.  If you have any access issues, please get in touch to discuss alternative arrangements.

Your Tutor

Your Tutor

Julie Stephen

For further information visit:

Freelance illustrator and fine art printmaker, Julie worked as an art and design teacher for over 20 years, but is now concentrating on her own artwork, tutoring and writing/illustrating. Julie also creates ethereal hand pulled gel prints. She layers colours, shapes and textures inspired by forest walks, trips to the shore and sunlight through trees.

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