Photography & Film

Introduction to 35mm Film Photography, Printing & Processing

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sat 10 & sun 11 december 2022

10:00 – 16:00 each day

Experienced tutors, Alan Bennington and Ricky Nolan will introduce you to the exciting world of traditional film photography.

The cost of the course is for 2 days.  Please click on the 10 December in the calendar when prompted and this will book the 2 day block.

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This two day course on traditional film photography will begin with taking photographs on 35mm monochrome film using a supplied SLR camera. You will then learn how to process the films and then make selected photographic prints in our fully equipped darkroom.

About the Day

Introduction to 35mm Film Photography, Printing & Processing will run from 10am until 4pm on both days and includes refreshments throughout the day including fresh coffee, teas and a light lunch.

Essential Information

You do not need any previous knowledge or experience of film photography or darkroom processing as you will be guided and supported by the tutors at all times. All materials and equipment will be provided for this course.

The weather conditions on the day will determine the proportion of indoor and outdoor practical photography activities.

There is a flight of stairs from the main entrance with a stair lift. The Darkroom is located in the basement of the house and accessed either by a spiral staircase or through the rear entrance of the building.

Your Tutor

Your Tutor

Alan Bennington

A photographer since 1977, Alan studied photography at Teesside College of Art in Middlesbrough and after qualifying he worked for a number of commercial photographers in the North East of England, Manchester and Hereford before setting up his own operation. This Newcastle based studio grew into one of the most in demand commercial photographers in the UK with a wealth significant roster of major manufacturing companies as long term clients. Add to this the advertising and fashion markets that Alan was working with and we can recognise an all round commercial photographer operating at the top of their game. 

In the mid ‘noughties’ Alan decided on a change of direction, lifestyle and location and applied for a lecturing post at Dumfries & Galloway College. His significant background and experience became a great asset to the college and he took the lead on the HND programme at the college developing new approaches to a strong programme that benefitted many up and coming photographers in the region and beyond.

Retiring from the college in 2018, Alan continues to work on his own self-directed projects.

Alan is a member of the AMO3BA Illustration & Photography Collective.

Your Tutor

Ricky Nolan

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A photographer since 1978, Ricky was educated at Wallace Hall Academy, Closeburn and moved to Middlebrough to study Interior Design with Fine Art & Graphic Design. While undertaking these studies he found that he enjoyed the creativity afforded by the photography components on the course and subsequently studied photography for a further four years in Newcastle and in Leeds.

On qualifying his first professional job was anything but creative, working for Cleveland Constabulary in evidential photography in their Scientific Aids Department. This did however provide a strong technical grounding in a number of specialist forms of film based photography and processes which would prove beneficial to future employment.

From this technical grounding and returning to Scotland, Ricky then worked in photographic laboratory management and training in Glasgow before taking up a Senior Photographer post with the Scottish Office working in video production, editing, multi-media and television for 4 years before being invited by Dumfries & Galloway College to deliver photography as a service to their fine art and newly established graphic design programmes. Living in Lochmaben this seemed an ideal opportunity and Ricky subsequently developed and ran a new set of photography courses to HND level that received numerous best practice evaluations by reviewers. He also retained a significant folio of private practice.

Ricky subsequently headed up George Street School of Art in Dumfries and the Creative Industries Section.

As a curriculum manager and curriculum designer he developed a host of innovative programmes for the college as he was keen to see interdisciplinary activities in the creative arts. He left in 2017 so that he could focus on his own photographic work.

Ricky is a member of the AMO3BA Illustration & Photography Collective and a Shambellie House Trustee. He will tell you that just as importantly, he is the bass player with local bands Six Hands and Eight Hands.

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