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Introduction to Free Motion Embroidery: Drawing with your Sewing Machine

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friday  17th  may 2024

10.00AM to 4.00PM

Come along and learn how to use your sewing machine as a drawing tool in this introduction to free motion embroidery.

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Free motion embroidery can be used to create beautiful illustrative designs and can create lovely surface qualities. In this workshop we’ll explore how to use our sewing machines as drawing machines and gain confidence in this technique. From setting up your machine to transferring a design onto fabric and then creating a piece of free motion embroidery this session will guide you through every step, giving you the confidence to carry on experimenting with this expressive technique after the workshop.

You are welcome to bring your own sewing machine or use one of the Shambellie House machines, set up and ready for you on the day.


Your Tutor

Your Tutor

Helen Walsh

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Helen Walsh is an Artist and Creative Practitioner specialising in drawing and textiles, in particular embroidery. She is continually fascinated by the natural world and our connection to it. She is particularly interested in birds and their feathers and uses them as symbols in her work to explore the human desire to transcend. Choosing to work predominantly with natural fibres such as silk and linen Helen finds herself consistently drawn to traditional textile skills such as embroidery, knitting and dyeing and enjoys the connections with the often forgotten makers of the past that working this way gives her. Helen is a skilled and experienced workshop leader and works on a variety of community and education based arts projects working with a diverse range of people in a variety of settings. Helen’s aim is to enable people to unlock and explore their creativity.

About the Day

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The workshop will take place from 10am – 4pm and refreshments will be provided throughout the day including tea/coffee and freshly prepared lunch by our partners at Cloverglen.

This workshop is in the  gallery  which is on the second floor.

This is only accessible via stairs with no lift access available. Please let us know if you have any access needs and we will accommodate you.

Kit and Requirements

Sewing Machine
Darning foot for your sewing machine (sometimes called an embroidery foot) and a darning plate if you can’t lower the feed dogs on your machine
Fabric you’d like to work on (ideally a mid weight cotton, most fabrics can be used but avoid anything very lightweight, very heavyweight or anything stretchy) 1/4-1/2 metre should be more than enough
Embroidery hoop
Machine embroidery threads if you have them
Design or image you’d like to work on (optional; I’ll provide templates but if there’s a design you particularly want to try feel free to bring along a picture!)

I will have spares of everything and also materials and threads you can use.

Essential Information

This workshop is in the  gallery which is on the second floor.

This is only accessible via stairs with no lift access available. Please let us know if you have any access needs and we will try to accommodate you.


If you have answered yes and would like to discuss your requirements then please get in touch.