Applied Crafts

Spring Fling at Shambellie

Thurs-sun, 2-5 june 2022


admission is free, donations are welcome

Join us to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this fabulous art event with our 3 featured artists.

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It’s the 20th anniversary of Spring Fling and we are thrilled to welcome three fabulous artists to Shambellie House:  Andrew Adair, Caroline McGonigal and Deborah Fallas.  Spring Fling is Scotland’s premier arts and crafts open studios event.  Visitors can get behind the scenes of artistic practice, experience artists and makers demonstrating and explaining their processes and inspirations, and have the opportunity to buy a piece of art direct from the artist.




The Artists

Deborah Fallas is a visual artist painting in acrylics on canvas. She paints predominantly Scottish landscapes of scenes she has experienced but also enjoys the pure joy and colour contrasts of flower painting. Deborah produces original paintings working from her own photographs and plein-air sketches. Her paintings are colourful with bold quick expressive brushstrokes. Texture is made with scratching, scraping or sometimes pencil marks, demonstrating the importance of contrast and increasingly abstract in style, but always rooted in nature. She wants to capture the lightness, the happiness and the energy she feels outdoors and would like the viewers of her work to feel that too. The simple pleasures of taking in an energetic image of flowers in a beautiful vessel with strong colour contrast makes Deborah, and the viewers, feel the same joyful way.

Caroline McGonigal is a professional artist inspired by the environment. Her practice comes from an innate desire to experience the natural world in a more immersive way. She enjoys capturing natural ephemera like shadow and reflection, and highlighting their fleeting and temporary nature. She often works outdoors, where she harnesses the elements, like the wind, rain and snow to make part of a work. At other times she tries to pause fleeting moments in nature that go unobserved, by painting every detail in a small zoomed in section. Some of her mixed-media work incorporates unusual materials like volcanic dust, Icelandic salt or candle smoke.

Having taken a small sabbatical from ceramics over the last 4-5 years Andrew Adair returned to the medium in earnest in September 2021, producing the first batch of entirely new work for a joint exhibition with his wife, Gwen at the Upfront Gallery, Cumbria. These works were almost entirely wheel thrown cylinders with a new range of glaze to fit, and since then the work has continued to develop apace adding jugs and lidded jars. In 2022 Andrew started to turn his attention toward Spring Fling making a very different kind of pot, working with solid lumps of very stiff clay to produce plunge pots, where you thrust a rolling pin into the centre of the solid lump and then bash and tear away the surface. These pieces are currently still drying out due to their thickness and finding the glaze finish that fits these forms is the next big challenge. It’s going to be exciting to see where this will lead and what the eventual outcome will be come June.

Essential Information

The artists will be based on the Ground Floor.  There is a flight of stairs from the main entrance with a stair lift.

There is a shop and refreshments on site.


If you have answered yes and would like to discuss your requirements then please get in touch.