Women Behind the Lens: Exploring What it Means to be a Woman Artist Today

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tuesday 27th JUne 2023

1.oopM to 4.00PM

‘Women Behind the Lens’

Exploring what it means to be a woman artist today (in a variety of mediums, and through the lens of different cultures). From the trappings of the male gaze, to cultures where the woman artist is still frowned upon, to the empowerment of creativity, we’ll explore multiple times, perspectives and cultures in this interactive workshop celebrating the role of the woman artist.

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Fiona will run through a variety of well known (and not so well known) works by women artists (including writers, photographers and other artists). People are invited to discuss the works and learn about how the role of the woman artist has developed over time and in different cultures and where – if appropriate for the individual – women can feel empowered to reconnect with their own creativity and inner artist.



Your Tutor

Your Tutor

Fiona Morrison

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Fiona has a wide range of experience from presenting English Literature courses (with a focus on Victorian women writers, Romantic poetry) and creative writing workshops for women at King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to bringing women from different backgrounds and nationalities together for workshops as part of Confluence’s Visions and Stories Festival in Marrakech (discussing misconceptions of women across East and West and the role of the woman artist), to taking workshops and panel discussions for CatStrand in New Galloway for International Women’s Day. I help women (and men) come together to explore what it means to be a woman artist – from the 1800s, to today.

About the Day

‘Women Behind the Lens’ will run from 1pm until 4pm and includes refreshments of fresh coffee, teas and cake during the session.

Essential Information

Please note: There is a flight of stairs from the main entrance with a stair lift.

The course will take place in the Drawing Room on the first floor.


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